Dark Colors

Full color commission for keefachu! (2)

Flat color icon commission for keefachu! (1)

Sketch commission!

Full color commission for seto-k0usuke!


I’ve decided to open commissions on this blog! It’s my first time with this, but either way… These will be obviously organized in slots, which you can check on the sidebar in this blog! There’ll be 5 slots each time (for now) and I won’t take any more unless I’ve done them all!

On the list of things that I can offer with these commissions are:

-Pokémon and Pokémon OCs.

-Human characters.


On the other hand, there are certain things I will not accept as commissions.

-Nothing NSFW will be accepted.

-No Anthros or furry characters of the sort.

-No gore or anything extreme like that.

-No fetishy art.

-Anything else I may find uncomfortable; I have the right to deny your request if so.

If at any time you wish to see your commission process or a preview, simply ask and I’ll gladly show you through a private message, apart from that, your commission will be done within the timespan of max. 2 weeks save for special circumstances (travel, computer, internet etc)

Once we have settled for a prize via private messages, I’ll send the commissioner my paypal account e-mail to which they can send the money, then I’ll get started on the commission.